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Our Produce

Everything we sell is home-grown and hand-harvested as close to the point of collection and delivery as possible.


Seasonal Salads

Our seasonal salad mixes are our most popular product. We grow over 25 different varieties of salad leaf in our garden through the year, so you can be sure that our salads are a broad mix of the season's best offerings. In the summer we use a wide range of loose-leaf lettuce and baby chard and kale, while the winter welcomes in the spicy brassica leaves like rocket and mustard.


Fresh herbs

The brilliance of buying produce delivered straight from our garden after harvest is their sheer freshness! This is particularly true of our herbs, the flavours of which are unrivalled when served the day they're cut. Discover our range of coriander, parsley, basil, oregano, and chive to name a few.


At Stonelynk Organics, we grow a wide range of different vegetables, from broccoli to tomatoes, and peas to kale. We focus on growing crops that really benefit from quick delivery and short supply chains. This means our radishes, beetroots, and carrots reach your plate in as short a time as possible, preserving their natural sweetness and pleasing crispness.



Our strawberries are ready to pick early June. We grow the 'Cambridge Favourite' variety, juicy and sweet: you will probably tell us that we don't grow enough of them! Next year we intend to grow raspberry and rhubarb so keep an eye out on our social media!


During the summer we grow a heritage variety of sweet peas. Their stem is short but their smell is really nice. You can pick your own bunch directly from our fence line and leave us a pound in our money box. We also grow edible flowers to make our salad bags more colourful. You will discover the peppery taste of nasturtium, the sweet taste of malva or the surprising taste of marigold.

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