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A.K.A 'Patty pans', this squash is closely related to courgettes. They have soft skins and a delicate melon flavour. When cooked like this they have a buttery texture and light sweet flavour.

Summer Squash


Ingredients for 2 people

- 2 squashes

- 250g beef mince

- A carrot or two

- One small onion

- Mushrooms

- Cous-cous



Cut the top off the squash and scoop out the seeds. We recommend scooping out a bit more flesh too, but keep that to one side and mix that with the rest of the filling. Score the inside of the squash with a sharp knife to allow the juices of the filling to soak in. Put 1 tbsp of cous-cous into the bottom of each squash (can use rice too, allow for an extra ten minutes cooking). Finely dice the vegetables, and mix with the beef mince. Season well: we recommend paprika and plenty of salt because you're indirectly seasoning the squash there too, which needs some help to make the most of its flavour. Generously fill the squashes with all the raw ingredients, they will cook together in the steam of the squash, which itself takes on the flavour of the filling. Replace the cap.


Bake at 180C for 1 hour. Serve with a heap of salad.

Other ideas...

Serve with a heap of salad.

For a meat-free dish, just use lots of other vegetables - beetroot and fennel make a great combo.

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