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First post in six months...

When you visit a blog online and see that the most recent post was titled 'April Update' you've be forgiven for thinking that that particular enterprise has ground to a halt.

But for us, thankfully, that has been far far far from the case! We have regrettably been able to write any more blogs since April because we've simply been too busy growing veg to spare the time to put pencil to paper to write anything interesting - who'd have guessed the summer would be so full?!

But I write this now, simply to;

1 - once and for all fill the blinding emptiness on our blogpage

2 - announce that new content will very soon be released!

With the winter on its way, we're carefully confident that we might have a bit more time on our hands to lend towards the task of blogging, with the intent to share some of our stories, some of our mistakes, and (more interestingly!) some recipes to inspire those of you buying our lovely organic veggies week in week out.

Now, just to spruce up this so-far-monochrome post a little, here is one of our favourite images from this summer - an aerial picture of our garden. We wish we had had a drone photo taken before we took over the tenancy, but, for something quite similar, you can always look on the satellite images provided by Google Maps to see what it looked like before...

Battery Hill, Fairlight, Hastings, East Sussex, TN35 4EA

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