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Interfering with nature

This week we've been clearing a large bramble patch, to extend the area that we can cultivate, and to aid our vigilance against our neighbourhood rabbits (we think they were climbing up the brambles into the garden!).

With such a large task on our hands, we had to face the decision of whether to employ the use of machinery to aid our work. In this instance, we decided not to, and just to persevere manually. We try to work the land gently and disturb the local wildlife as little as possible.

Yet, despite our best efforts, we found this little birds' nest among the bramble. By destructing its safe and quiet habitat we've surely scared away the mother and left this little egg to be abandoned.

Sometimes it is sad to see the detrimental effects of humanity's interference with nature's patterns. As farmers, we have to accept the fact that we do indeed interfere with nature, and we very much live alongside countless other animals (and micro-organisms) and have common needs of food, safety, and security. Thankfully, we're able to provide lots of profitable habitats for various wildlife in our garden - it is just unfortunate that this little bird was unlucky...

Still, we didn't feel so guilty when we came home to find that a mouse had been nibbling on our loaf of bread! I guess each animal has to do what it has to do to survive...

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